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2022 Pet Gift Guide

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It’s the holiday season and gift-giving is on our minds. To make it easier on you, we

compiled a list of our favorite and least favorite pet gifts. We hope our 2022 Pet Gift Guide will steer you in the right direction.

Thoughtful Pet Gifts

The best pet gifts are those that are thoughtful. Avoid overly cutesy outfits and uncomfortable holiday-themed costumes. Instead, focus on the pet’s actual needs. Is the pet an adventurer that would benefit from a paw balm? Is the pet in its later years and in need of a cozy space heater or heated bed? Think about ways that the pet can be made to feel better, have more fun, or feel more at ease in their environment when considering your options.

Fun Pet Gifts

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Technology has made pet products a lot more exciting. Take, for example, these interactive cat toys that encourage cats to stay active while engaging their prey drive. Feeding mats and puzzle toys also keep cats and dogs busy while they eat, which aids in digestion and makes them “work” for their meal, like they would in the wild.

Festive Pet Gifts

Festive holiday leashes and collars make great gifts for those that tend to be more thrifty about their pets’ accessories. What’s cool about a holiday-themed collar, for example, is that it can be stored with holiday décor when not in use. We love to see our dog walking and pet sitting clients in their festive flair this time of year. If your pet or loved one’s pet doesn't have a holiday collar, this year may be just the year to get them one.

Practical Pet Gifts

Pet parents spend an average of $400 to $4000 on their pets annually. As prices continue to rise and the economic outlook continues to become bleaker, consider a gift card for the pet lovers in your life. If you know where they buy their pet food locally, purchase from there. If you know they get pet supplies from Chewy, help them get some more. While gift certificates can sometimes feel impersonal, there is no more practical way to share the holiday spirit than with a gift card.

Risky Pet Gifts

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Unfortunately, much of the pet product industry is not regulated. There are therefore many items on the market that pose a risk to pets. Some of these risky products include rawhide, chew bones, and cheap toys. Because many of these products are made of subpar materials, can break and splinter, etc. they are potentially harmful to pets. To avoid illness and/or injury, keep these risky items off your holiday shopping list. Instead, check out Covered in Pet Hair’s Holiday Gift Guide, which was curated by 15+ year pet industry veteran, Isabel Alvarez Arata.

Boring Pet Gifts

Before you go out and purchase just anything because it’s there, remember that gift-giving is all about the thought behind it. Don’t just buy the first boring, mainstream thing you see. Be intentional about the gifts you get your pets and the pets in your life. Being intentional ensures that the pets get the most enjoyment out of their gift and you get your money’s worth.

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At Hearts at Home Pet Sitting, we know quality when we see it, which is why we’re meticulous about how we invest in our business, our clients’ care, and our employees’ development.

Our team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years. This year has been a significant adjustment to post-pandemic life. We are thrilled that you continue to choose our small, local business for your pet care needs. We consider the trust you place in us a gift.

As a testament to your generosity, many of you have asked about gifts for your Pet Care Specialist. If you have any questions about gifts for your Pet Care Specialist, please contact us at 757-745-9868 or at

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