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Key Storage Lock Boxes

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Hearts at Home Pet Sitting requires two sets of each client’s house keys and a key storage lock box where the keys are kept. Our key storage lock box policy applies even if electronic access to the home is otherwise given. There are many benefits to working with a professional pet sitter that uses key storage lock boxes, the most important of which we will discuss today.

Peace of Mind

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The goal of our key storage lock box policy is to ensure uninterrupted access to the pets in our care. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that they get by using a key storage lock box that is securely kept in their homes. Because the keys remain on the property, the chances of them going missing or being mistagged are greatly reduced if not eliminated.

In addition to the home security aspect, our clients enjoy knowing that a properly safeguarded key represents uninterrupted services for their pets while they are away. At a less organized pet sitting operation, a pet sitter might misplace their keys, leaving your pet without the care they need until the key is found. We ensure that never happens while pets are in the care of our professional team.


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Clients often ask us if they can provide a front door or garage code for home access. Unfortunately, these access points can and do fail. Garage door openers, for example, only work when there is electricity. In the case of a power outage, electric garage door pads and openers become completely useless. In addition, smart locks, while gaining popularity, can run out of battery and/or malfunction. While they are a great backup option for both homeowners and service providers, these methods cannot be counted on for uninterrupted pet care access.

Back-up Keys for Homeowner

Having a key storage lock box on the exterior of your home is also beneficial for you and your family. Because you maintain control over the lock box, choose the code, and install it in your preferred location, you have access to your keys if ever you get locked out or lose your keys.


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Our key storage lock box and related policy create efficiency and convenience in terms of future and emergency services. Because the keys remain in a known location between pet care appointments, we can access them for all future visits, including last-minute and emergency requests. Having keys consistently accessible optimizes the benefits of having an established relationship with a professional pet care company. With other companies, there is no way to know how or where your keys are stored, who has them, and how quickly they can be accessed for emergency services, which may cause delays.

Key Storage Lock Box Requirements

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We ask that clients please purchase a key storage lock box with at least a four-digit access code. It should be able to hang from a doorknob or railing or be wall-mounted. The location is up to our clients but we ask that the box be easily accessible and unencumbered for the ease and safety of all involved.

Exceptions to our key storage lock box policy may be made for pet parents that reside in apartments and condos. We will work with clients that have special circumstances to find a mutually beneficial alternative or work-around.

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To learn more about Hearts at Home Pet Sitting and our many home and pet safety protocols, please call 757-745-9868 or email

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