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Best Cat Litter Products

Having a cat is a true treat. Cats are fascinating creatures, wild yet loving, silly yet determined, and playful yet self-assured. A cat-friendly home is a happy home and cats are certainly gaining popularity. Unfortunately, however, there are many pet lovers that hesitate to adopt a cat because of the dreaded stinky litter box.

As professional cat sitters, we have seen it all when it comes to kitty litter products and we’ve compiled a list of the best cat litter products we’ve seen to help reduce the stink and increase the convenience of this inevitable yet highly manageable kitty care task.

Best Litter Box

There are so many litter boxes on the market that a human can easily go crazy considering their options. Thankfully, cats are pretty straightforward about their litter box preferences - they like an open litter box that gives them multiple exit points. For this reason, we like Target’s XL standard litter pan. It has a higher-in-the-back design to keep litter in the box but allows your kitty to flee if he or she feels threatened. As we mentioned in a past blog, potty time can be a very vulnerable time for prey animals.

Best Litter Box Mat

Trapping litter is an integral part of keeping litter box messes to a minimum. A good mat helps cats keep their paws clean after using the litter. They also contain litter that may be spread when kitties do their business.

According to the manufacturer, when using the iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper EZ Clean Mat, “litter falls through the large holes on the top layer and stays trapped underneath. The bottom layer is made of a plastic, waterproof film that repels urine and odors. The two layers are attached on just one side so you can easily pull back the top layer and dump the litter into the trash. You can also rinse off the mat to clean liquid messes. If your cat is known for litter box mishaps, just slip a puppy pad in between the layers for easy cleanup.”

Best Litter Scooper

A litter scooper is a must for most cat parents. There are many on the market and, if you’re struggling with litter box duty, this is a purchase that you want to put some thought into. Most cat parents will buy a litter scooper at the dollar store but cheap litter scoopers immediately get crusty and gross. Instead, we recommend the iPrimio Sifter with Non-Stick Litter Scooper, which is made of Teflon-coated aluminum and comes with its own adhesive plastic wall hanger.

In addition to being cleaner and more practical, the iPrimio scooper has a deep shovel design, sturdy handle, and wide sifting slots. Its improved design makes scooping more efficient thereby shortening the time you spend scooping.

Best Cat Litter

Again, options abound when it comes to litter products but not all litter materials are created equal. Unfortunately, natural litter products that are safest for our cats are sometimes stinky, difficult to use, and/or downright expensive. For this reason, we have found that Arm and Hammer’s Clump & Seal is the best option for families that want an odor-reducing, dust-free litter at an affordable price.

Best Litter Management Tool

When scooping litter out of the litter box, it’s important to have a plan on where to dispose of the litter. We recommend the Litter Genie Ultimate Cat Litter Disposal System, which seals in odors and comes with its own scoop. Another benefit of using a system like the Litter Genie is that they reduce the need for individual plastic bag use, which can be wasteful and detrimental to our environment.

When caring for cats, we know what works and what doesn’t. To learn more about our cat care services, which include litter scooping, please call 757-745-9868 or email

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