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Gifts That Truly Make Pets Happy

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February is the month of love. It’s also when we celebrate Valentine’s Day for which it is estimated that more than 250 million roses are produced. Our pets don’t follow the calendar or Hallmark’s most iconic holidays but, as their parents, we often like to include them in our celebrations. Today, we want to highlight gifts that truly make pets happy so you can avoid the nonsense and focus on what will make your pets’ day.

Upgraded Food

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Most of our pets eat highly processed kibble, which can slowly wreak havoc on their bodies. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to upgrade our pet’s meals daily, but holidays like Valentine’s Day are a great opportunity to give them an unexpected feast.

For both cats and dogs, adding fresh foods to the bowl is a great way to vary our pet’s nutritional profiles and give them a wholesome yet delicious treat. One of the easiest and most tempting food toppers to consider as an occasional holiday or birthday treat is canned sardines. They may stink up your kitchen but your pets will thank you. Learn more about the benefits and best practices around sharing canned sardines with your cats and dogs here.

Tasty Supplements

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With prices rising on everything we enjoy these days, namely eggs, it’s important to keep an eye on our grocery and pet budgets. One great way to minimize expenses while meeting our pet’s needs is to combine a tasty treat with a much-needed supplement like glucosamine for aging pets and chamomile for anxious pets. There are many supplement companies out there that combine high-quality nutritional supplements with tasty ingredients so that our pets get what their bodies need while also enjoying the experience.

When shopping for supplement treats, keep in mind that the fewer ingredients, the better. And, if you want to keep it simple, consider a single-ingredient organ meat treat like freeze-dried chicken hearts or beef livers. These single-ingredient treats are packed with nutritional value and pets tend to go crazy over them.

User-friendly Equipment

Pets, even indoor cats, love to explore their environment, indoors and out. Make your pet’s day by purchasing a high-quality, safe pet carrier, harness, or leash that will enhance their outdoor experiences. For cats, we love the idea of mesh strollers and cat-specific backpacks. For dogs, a no-pull harness and treat pouch for the human make for a great experience walking around the block and beyond.

To truly make your pet’s experience positive, make sure that all items are appropriately sized, designed for their particular species, and tested before you venture outdoors. When introducing new equipment to your pets, always use positive reinforcement, which leverages the use of yummy treats as rewards while the pet acclimatizes to the new item. Take your time to avoid startling your pet. Keep your energy positive and training sessions short. Always make training with new equipment fun. If your pet resists, it might indicate that you chose the wrong product for them. Don’t be discouraged; just go back to the drawing board. Once you’ve found the right tool, you and your pet will be happy you considered all your options.

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At Hearts at Home, we know pets. We know what makes them happy and how to keep them safe. To learn more about our dog walking and pet sitting services in Yorktown, Virginia, and its environs, please contact us at or 757-745-9868. We look forward to helping you make your pets’ day!

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