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Yortown Area Pet Rescues

The last few years have been hard on shelters and rescues. According to reports, more animals are entering rescues and shelters than being adopted. The vast majority of rescues and shelters are overrun with homeless animals looking for their forever homes. And, shelters and rescues are struggling to secure funding and are short on volunteers.

For these reasons, we want to take this opportunity to highlight local organizations that are deserving of your time and generosity, whichever you are in the position to give. The following Yorktown Area Pet Rescues are vetted, reputable, and work tirelessly to help pets in our community.

Poquoson Animal Welfare Sanctuary (aka P.A.W.S.)

Poquoson Animal Welfare Sanctuary, Inc. is dedicated to rescuing and placing abandoned, abused, and neglected cats in and around Poquoson, VA. They prioritize spay and neuter programs to control homeless cat populations and provide shelter, veterinary care, and love to the pets in their care until they find a forever home.

P.A.W.S. is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) that relies on public support in the form of volunteers and donations. My daughter volunteered at P.A.W.S. for a summer therefore this organization has a special place in our family's heart.

Peninsula Pet Pantry

Peninsula Pet Pantry is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was formed in 2010 to offer support to animal caregivers with limited resources. The organization serves the Hampton Roads community by providing temporary pet food and supplies as well as resource referral services. Their goal is to keep pets in their homes to prevent them from returning to the shelter/rescue system.

Peninsula Pet Pantry believes that there is no place like home and, as in-home pet sitters, we couldn't agree more.

Peninsula SPCA

Pit bull adoption Yorktown

Peninsula SPCA is a 501(c)3 located in Newport News, VA. They pledge to find a home for every adoptable animal that they take in. As an Adoption-Guarantee shelter (aka no kill) since 2015, they do not resort to euthanasia as a means of population management and keep healthy and treatable animals as long as it takes them to be adopted.

I adopted my Pittie and a cat from Peninsula SPCA on the same day in 2010. We went there to meet a cat named Juki, who had been at the shelter the longest.

The cat was for my daughter. We came home with the said cat and renamed her Gracie. We also adopted a dog that day, even though that wasn't part of the plan. The unplanned dog, Zoe, pictured right, sat and gave me her paw. I immediately heard myself say, I want her! She was my heart dog.

We already had two dogs and a cat therefore the extra addition was not planned. My dear husband had no idea we did this and was understandably annoyed. But, they won his heart. All's well that ends well, right? I think Gracie and Zoe would agree!

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter in Newport News works tirelessly to care for companion animals in our area. They provide adoptions, resources, and valuable education to our community. They are also working to control feral cat populations through trap, neuter/spay, and return programs.

I donate to this shelter with items or monetary donations because I believe in their mission. I also purchased a brick in memory of a very special dog. To see the list of items they'd like to receive and programs they are currently funding, click here.

Additional Yorktown Area Rescue Organizations

Following are two additional organizations that we like to promote. We have client's who have adopted their pets from these rescues. We count ourselves fortunate to have such excellent resources for pet-loving families in the Yorktown area!

At Hearts at Home Pet Sitting, we love being a part of the York County community. We are proud of our area's concern for homeless pets, efforts to control pet populations, and dedication to educating residents about the needs of pets and homeless animals. As professional pet sitters and dog walkers, we recognize the great work these organizations are doing when our new clients tell us about their fantastic pets and how they found them.

If you recently adopted or acquired a pet, please contact us to learn more about our pet sitting and dog walking services. We currently provide in-home pet care services for the Tabb, Grafton, and Seaford areas of Yorktown as well as Poquoson, Virginia. We look forward to hearing from you by email at or by phone at 757-745-9868.

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