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Books That Teach Kids About Dogs

Raising the next generation of dog lovers starts from day one, especially when babies are born into dog-loving homes. To support the education of our younger generations, we compiled the following list of books that teach kids about dogs. These books are written by dog trainers, pet experts, and those that truly understand dog behavior, their needs, and the best and safest way for children to interact with our magnificent canine companions.

Please note that we have organized the list by the author to allow us the opportunity to highlight each author’s background and expertise.

Joanne Hinds

Joanne Hinds is a dog trainer and behaviorist based in the UK. She is passionate about teaching both families and dog trainers the fun and joy of interacting with and understanding dogs.

The first of Hinds’ two books is called Ask the Dog, which teaches parents and their children how to recognize when a dog is enjoying being petted and when a dog is not. This important lesson is taught in a poem and simple illustrations by Scott Hinds.

The second book is called What Dogs Like and is a read-along rhyme that teaches parents and children dog bite prevention. We believe that this book should be required reading when families bring a baby or toddler home to join their existing dog-friendly family because dog bites are so common in younger age groups.

Stephanie Zikmann

Stepanie Zikmann is a bestselling author, public speaker, and educator. She is also a certified canine behaviorist and mother of two boys, Jack and Joey. Her book, I Can Be a Dog Detective, follows Jack The Dog Detective on his mission to understand dog behavior and body language. The goal of the book is to provide children with a fun yet educational adventure that teaches them about the way dogs communicate and how to respect their language and communication.

Lili Chin

California-based Lili Chin is an illustrator and dog lover that was inspired to learn positive-reinforcement dog training methods by her dog, Boogie. She has collaborated with some of the top dog experts in the dog behavior field and creates educational illustrations that have become a viral internet sensation. Combining her gift of illustration and knowledge of dog behavior, Chin published her book, Doggie Language, to excellent reviews. Her goal with the book is to help humans of all ages better understand their dogs.

Laura VanArendonk Baugh

For older children and young adults interested in learning the basics of dog training, we recommend Laura VanArendonk Baugh’s Dragons, Unicorns, Chimeras, and Clickers: How to Train Your Fantastic Beasts. VanArendonk Baugh is known for her work in animal training and behavior and, in this book, combines her skill with her knack for fantastic fiction yielding a “fun, easy-to-grasp introduction to clicker training.”

Dr. Hannah Capon, DVM

Families with older dogs will greatly benefit from reading Dr. Capon’s book, Why Don’t You Listen, a beautifully illustrated book that teaches children how to recognize when their beloved dogs are in pain. A UK-based veterinarian, Dr. Capon specializes in pain and behavior. She helps families identify discomfort in their dogs which may explain a lot about their behavior and help children develop empathy for their dog’s experience.

At Hearts at Home, we are passionate about educating ourselves and our community about pets, their needs, and their behavior. To learn more about our extraordinary team and premiere pet services, please email us at or call 757-745-9868.

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