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Cat Groomers in Yorktown

We recently posted a blog about the basic grooming needs of pet cats. Unfortunately, most cat guardians don't feel up for the challenge of grooming their cats at home. There's no need to fret if you draw the line at nail trims with your cat. Today, we're sharing our top tips for finding cat groomers in Yorktown and near you.

Professional Cat Groomers Online

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As you might imagine, grooming a cat is a skill unlike any other. Most dog groomers don't groom cats because of the risk of injury from cat bites and scratches. Because not all groomers can handle cats, we recommend you start your search for cat groomers near you at the National Cat Groomers Institute website. Using their search tool, you will find their associated professional groomers throughout the US and abroad.

When navigating the NCGI results near you, please note that CFMGs (Certified Feline Master Groomers) have passed the nine exams to earn master groomer certification. Groomers that are simply listed as NCGI members may be working toward certification or may be brand new to grooming cats. A master groomer will therefore have a great deal more knowledge and experience than a member groomer.

Regardless of what level of professional groomer you find near you, the fact that these groomers have taken the initiative to solidify their training and associate with an international cat grooming organization speaks to their dedication to the industry and the pets they serve. We recommend you opt for an NCGI groomer when available.

Specialized Cat Groomers in/near Yorktown

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We are fortunate to have two NCGI groomers in the Yorktown and Norfolk areas.

The first, Purrocious Styles Feline Designs is located in Yorktown off George Washington Memorial Highway. They are Certified Feline Master Groomers and specialize in cat grooming.

The benefit of working with a cat-only groomer and business is twofold. First, your cat will be treated like the god or goddess that he or she is. Cat-only groomers focus their learning and skill development on cats, not multiple species, thereby bringing the best in feline care. Second, cats in a cat-only establishment won't have to hear dogs barking, thumping their tails, etc. Cats and dogs are very different. Cats usually prefer to keep drooling, shaking, and noisy dogs as far away as possible, especially when in an unfamiliar area and while getting a bath.

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The second specialized cat groomer in the area is Serenity In-Home Grooming, based in Virginia Beach. Serenity In-Home Grooming is listed as a member on the NCGI website and provides all services in the comfort of the pet's home.

While they appear to groom both cats and dogs, the fact that services are provided inside the cat's home makes their services quite appealing. For cats, avoiding a trip in the carrier to an unfamiliar place is a huge draw. And, for families with cats and dogs, the idea of having one groomer come to you sounds like a dream. Serenity In-Home Grooming currently serves Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, Virginia.

Specialized Cat Sitter in Yorktown

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At Hearts at Home Pet Sitting, cats have our hearts. We recognize that cats can be a little overlooked when compared to dogs, but that doesn't happen on our watch. Our team receives cat-specific training and experience to ensure cats receive the same quality care their canine counterparts can expect to receive.

We continuously learn about cats' mental, physical, and emotional needs so that we can meet them while they are in our care. We offer in-home cat services to keep cats in the comfort of their home when their humans are away. And, we prioritize cats' well-being and ensure that our focus is on them in a way that resonates with their specific species. In other words, we don't just care for cats, we specialize in cats.

To learn more about our cat sitting services, contact us by email at or by phone at 757-745-9868. We offer premier quality cat and dog care in the Tabb, Grafton, and Seaford areas of Yorktown as well as Poquoson, Virginia.

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