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Current Pet Trends

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

The pet industry is booming. According to, "US pet market sales revenue has increased every year in the last decade, growing from $50.96 billion in 2011 to an estimated $123 billion in 2021." Today, we want to break down current pet trends we think every pet parent should have their eye on in 2023.

Pet Supplements includes supplements at the top of their list of pet industry trends to watch. It's no surprise that pet parents are turning to supplementation to fill in the gaps in their pets' nutrition. As we've all heard, most pet food is made with fillers, rendered meats, and subpar ingredients, leaving our pets and our families wanting more. Unfortunately, between tightening budgets, rising prices, and the inconvenience of alternative feeding methods, most pet lovers are stuck feeding kibble, despite our knowledge that, while it's the most accessible option, it's not the healthiest choice.

Using supplements such as glucosamine, l-theanine, and others can be a great way to target our pet's needs while keeping them on a kibble diet. Aging pets can greatly benefit from mobility chews and supplements, for example. A high-quality joint and hip supplement will contain bio-available vitamins and minerals to help keep their joints lubricated, inflammation at bay, and spirits high. Similarly, an anxious pet can benefit from a supplement that targets anxiety with herbs and amino acids that have been shown to ease symptoms. Omega-3s are also very popular with pets because of their brain-boosting benefits and anti-inflammatory properties.

Pet supplements are readily available and new products are constantly hitting the market. As with all nutritional supplements, do your research, look for verified reviews, and shop from trusted sites like and The Natural Dog Store. Also, be sure to visit mall local retailers like Gangsta Dog on Water Street in Yorktown and Shore Drive in Norfolk to learn about their offerings. Unfortunately, there are fakes and filler-laden supplements on the market that not only won't help your pet but could cause more harm than good. Caution should be taken when choosing your products and investing in pet supplements.

CBD for Pets

It's impossible to speak about supplementation for pets without discussing CBD. Unfortunately, CBD for both pets and humans is currently a mess. While the government is taking its time figuring out how to regulate hemp-based products because of its link to cannabis, opportunists are taking advantage of consumers with products that make lots of promises and deliver zero results.

Cannabis is truly a miracle plant and it can be very helpful for many medical conditions, which is why medical marijuana is becoming more mainstream in humans. That said, veterinarians are hesitant to recommend CBD products because of the lack of transparency in product development. A true expert in CBD for pets, Angela Ardolino of CBD Dog Health, encourages pet parents only to try species-specific, full-spectrum brands and provide a Certificate of Analysis. A sample COA is pictured above. This certificate is for CBD Dog Health's Heal formula for dogs. They also make CBD tinctures for cats, horses, etc.

To learn more about CBD for pets, check out our friend Isabel's interview with Angela on her pet podcast, Covered in Pet Hair. This episode is a great place to start your CBD education if you want to learn more about supplementing your pet or your family with hemp-based products and other adaptogens.

Natural Pet Foods

As mentioned, many pet parents have come to understand that the pet food industry is a bit of a scam. While we pay good money for what we think is a good product, the vast majority of pet foods on the market are not keeping up their end of the bargain. Many pet food manufacturers focus more on their bottom line than on our pets' health. They cut back on quality ingredients and fill their foods with cheap grains like corn and wheat.

The vast majority of pet food brands are currently owned by two international conglomerates that are also known for manufacturing junk food for humans, among other things. As more pet parents learn about the origins of their pet's food, we're creating a demand for small-batch pet foods with the goal of feeding our pets balanced and nourishing meals at affordable prices.

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While many of us cannot afford to put our pets exclusively on these new foods, we understand that the quality of our food impacts our pets' health therefore spending a little more on quality pet food may, in the long term, save us money at the veterinarian. It may also allow our pets to live longer, more comfortable lives.

As the market for more natural pet foods grows, refrigerated, dehydrated, and raw pet food options are becoming more popular. To stay on budget, many pet parents are mixing their existing kibble with high-quality toppers. No matter what you choose, know that there are foods for every pet and family. Do your research, speak to experts at your local pet food supply shops, and contact companies directly if you have questions about their products.

As with any decision you make for your pets, please discuss all supplementation and food changes with your veterinary team. And, as your professional pet sitters, please let us know if you have added or removed any care items from your pet's routine. We want to be sure we're keeping up with your pet's supplements and food so that we too can learn from your experiences, discover new products, and stay on top of our ever-evolving industry.

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