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Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Hearts at Home Pet Sitting Yorktown Virginia


We believe that all dogs deserve training and education, no matter their stage in life.

Many pet parents, especially those blessed with well-behaved pups, think that training is something that is done in puppyhood or when troubleshooting behavior problems. The truth is, however, that dogs of all ages can benefit from training. Dogs enjoy exercising their minds and bodies. They also enjoy being rewarded for a job well done. No matter how old your dog is, there is a good chance that they could be taught additional skills, tricks, and behaviors that improve their lives and yours.


Hearts at Home Pet Sitting Yorktown Virginia

A large part of dog training is training a dog’s family and caregivers to understand their

perspective, body language, and behavior. Because family dynamics can evolve over time, it’s important to make dog training a regular part of every dog-loving family’s routine.

Especially when bringing home a new pet, welcoming a new baby, teaching a toddler to interact with an existing pet, or encouraging children to become more involved in their dogs’ care, it’s important to involve a dog training professional in the process. That way, families can be sure that the techniques they are taught are based on science, mutual respect, kindness, and compassion.

Two of our favorite resources for families with children and dogs are Kids Around Dogs and Family Paws. Both offer a Facebook group that is active and engaging, as well as, providing

consultations and education for families with children. Besides helping families raise a dog that will be an excellent companion, they also help children overcome their fear of dogs with a specially designed protocol.


Thanks to technology, some of the best dog trainers in the world now offer online dog

training and education. Many also have a very informative and engaging social media presence.

From experts in puppies to those specializing in separation anxiety and aggression, the Internet is chock full of dog training experts that are willing to share their knowledge of dog behavior and passion for improving their lives.

To find dog trainers online, we recommend you narrow your desired behavior modifications and search for trainers that use positive reinforcement. Instagram and TikTok are great places to start using the hashtags #positivedogtraining and #forcefreedogtrainer.


Hearts at Home Pet Sitting Yorktown Virginia

Many puppy parents sign their dogs up for a local puppy socialization class when they first bring their pup home. Socialization, however, is not just for puppies.

Local dog trainers and training classes offer dogs and their parents the opportunity to work on manners, socialization, and overall enrichment. To find a force-free professional dog trainer in your zip code or area, visit The Pet Professional Guild.

As a member of The Pet Professional Guild, we believe gentle methods promote bonding and respect between pet parents and their pets. Force-free methods are proven to be more effective because they address root causes of behavior.

Learn more about our positive-based pet care services on our website and email us at or call 757-745-9868 with questions about how you too can improve your dog’s life with our help.

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