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Our last post was about five dog products that we avoid and why we think you should avoid them too. In this blog, we’re sharing five dog products we love and why we encourage you to try them with your dogs.


As dog walkers, we’re experts on what works and what doesn’t when walking a dog. Having tried various harnesses, collars, etc. I have come to realize that very few dog walking products on the market do what they say they’re going to do while simultaneously considering the dog’s comfort and safety.

For this reason, I love the Harness Lead. This no-pull harness safely tightens around the dog’s trunk, never his neck or shoulders, using the dog’s pull to remind them that they are walking too fast. Once they feel tightening, the dog relieves the pressure by slowing down. Plus, the Harness Lead is escape-resistant, which gives handlers great peace of mind no matter what they encounter on their stroll. The Harness Lead is made to adjust to all types of dogs from 14 to 170 lbs. And, the company that makes the Harness Lead supports animals by contributing to rescue organizations with their sales, promoting spay and neuter programs, and advocating for unchaining and improved pet laws.


Another excellent harness that is popular with professional dog walkers is the Freedom No Pull Harness. The Freedom Harness has a no-pull effect that doesn’t strain shoulders or other sensitive areas of the dog’s body. It offers a tightening effect on the loop on the harness, a strategically placed loop, and a reconfigurable design that allows users options: either to attach to only the back or attach to both front and back of the harness simultaneously. The makers of this harness also advocate for pet rescue and host adoption events in their New York State store.

Both of the above-mentioned harnesses are made in America by small businesses. As with all harnesses, sizing and fit are important. We encourage you to take the time to properly size your pet so that your purchase can be comfortably used for years to come. Both of these companies will help you find the right fit if you request their guidance.


A dog product that is getting lots of attention recently is flirt poles. Flirt poles look a lot like cat wands (oh my!) but they are specially made for dogs. Flirt poles like Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 with Lure Dog Toy retail for less than $30 and can give your dog loads of engagement, enrichment, and exercise. Its unique design makes it a great training tool that provides mental stimulation while preventing whiplash and injury.


Lick mats have also seen a rise in popularity in recent years. They can be used for feeding, distracting during baths and nail trims, and even help dogs with anxiety learn to relax. There are many different types of lick mats on the market and we like this list to help you choose one for your dog and their specific needs.


Kongs are a classic dog product that has been around for decades. They too allow for feeding, treat dispensing, mental stimulation, play, and more. They can be filled with store-bought items and homemade items alike. They can be given freshly prepared or frozen for a little extra engagement, whatever your dog prefers.

You can’t go wrong with any of these products to enrich your dog’s daily life. To learn more about how Hearts at Home’s positive-based dog walking and pet sitting services can also help with engagement, training, and exercise, please call 757-745-9868 or email Click here to check out our Five Dog Products to Avoid.

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