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If Pets Had Resolutions

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Cat Care Yorktown Virginia

It’s 2023 and New Year’s Resolutions are in full swing. Many of us are still committed to making our resolutions stick. Some of us are struggling to stay focused. And, others have already given up on their resolutions only 17 days in. As experts in pets and pet care, we wondered what pets would resolve to accomplish this year, if pets had resolutions. Here’s a list of the top pet resolutions we came up with.

Get More Exercise

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As with humans, pets tend to get less exercise than they need to be optimally healthy. Pets are highly attuned to their bodies and feel when their exercise regimen is lacking. Pets’ physical and mental health suffers when they are sedentary because it reduces their endurance, compromises their agility, and impacts their sense of survival.

Whether we’re talking about a pet cat, dog, or small mammal, all animals need exercise. In the wild, our pets’ undomesticated cousins exercise for the vast majority of their lives. They hunt prey, play, wrestle, and explore. They rest as needed but only after rigorous activity. In our homes, unfortunately, these once-wild creatures are forced to remain within 4 walls. While they are spoiled with treats, served meals they don’t have to hunt for, and kept safe, they usually cannot exercise at will.

In 2023, pets everywhere would like to get out into nature more often, even if it’s in the safety of a stroller or carrier. They want to feel the sand, dirt, and grass between their toes. They want to stretch their legs, get their heart rates up, and take in the sights and smells of the world around them. They want to walk, sniff, sunbathe, and get more exercise.

Eat Better Food

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The fact that our pets live indoors, get regular veterinary care, and are vaccinated against preventable yet deadly diseases ensures they live longer, more comfortable lives. Yet, with most of our household pets being fed a standard kibble diet, it’s hard to imagine how they are feeling inside. Unfortunately, the vast majority of kibble is equivalent to Doritos. Imagine if you ate Doritos every day, twice a day, for your whole life.

Feeding our pets a higher-quality diet can be expensive and time-consuming, which is why most families stick to kibble. Most families have a hard time budgeting and sustaining specialized meal plans like raw feeding and homemade pet diets.

Thankfully, pets benefit from a bit of fresh food added to their kibble daily. Whether it’s canned pumpkin, frozen green beans, or a bit of avocado and banana, dogs enjoy a variety of fresh foods and supplements. Both cats and dogs love organ meats whether in a food topper or freeze-dried treat. If our pets had their choice, they’d be eating surf and turf every day but, as far as resolutions are concerned, a little bit of fresh food goes a long way.

Spend More Time with Family

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Our pets are social creatures. They enjoy connecting with us and their environment. If given the option, our pets would insist on more long walks, adventures, and interactions with us in 2023. They would rally the troops for time out in nature, enrichment games and puzzles, and one-on-one engagement.

If nothing else, our pets want to be a central part of our lives. They want to be included in our travels and outings when appropriate, sit or lay close by when we’re resting, and experience things with us inside and outside the home. While life is bound to get busy this year, as it does every year, prioritizing at least one generous session of uninterrupted one-on-one time with our pets each day enriches their existence unlike anything else.

dog care Yorktown Virginia

Pets, they’re just like us! We all need to get more exercise, eat better, and make more time for the things that matter. If there is anything we can do to help you - and your pet - achieve your 2023 resolutions, please call 757-745-9868 or email

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