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Keeping Yorktown Pets Healthy

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

healthy pets Yorktown Virginia

Pet parents everywhere want to keep their pets healthy. After all, it’s in their best interest, helps them live happier, longer lives, and prevents serious illnesses that could cost us a fortune. While our pets, unfortunately, won’t live forever, the following are three ways we’re keeping Yorktown pets healthy this National Pet Wellness Month and beyond:

Visit the Vet Regularly

pet wellness Yorktown

Many pet parents only take their pets to the veterinarian when something is wrong. Maybe it’s for a stomach upset, lethargy, or an emergency, but most pets tend to visit the vet less often than it is recommended. At a minimum, pets should see their vets once a year for an annual wellness check.

During annual visits, vets take vitals, palpate inner organs, record weight, etc. The goal of these checks is to see if there are any significant changes from the year prior. Detecting significant changes after only a year, as opposed to multiple years, usually leads to better outcomes for our pets.

Save for a Rainy Day

Many families are concerned about the cost involved in annual vet care visits but it’s essential to consider that regular vet care may reduce long-term costs. Staying on track with your pet’s wellness visits keeps you informed of challenges your pet is facing, concerns that can be easily addressed, etc. The goal is prevention, especially because our pets cannot tell us how they feel. Setting up a pet-specific savings account makes preventative care possible for many families.

As another option, local veterinarians offer wellness plans that are meant to save pet parents money by establishing a visit schedule at reduced costs and with ongoing payments instead of lump sums. For information, discuss options with your veterinarian or check out Yorktown’s Animal Wellness Clinic or Peninsula Animal Referral Center’s plans.

Make Optimum Lifestyle Choices

healthy dog Yorktown

Keeping our pets active can be difficult. That’s where a professional pet sitter or dog walker comes in. Especially during times in our lives when our schedules pull us away from our daily responsibilities, such as illnesses, new babies, work travel, etc. hiring a dog walker or pet sitter can positively impact our pets’ lives. Whether a rigorous 15-minute play session or a gentle walk around the block, pros help prevent obesity and boost physical, mental, and emotional health.

In addition to being sedentary, many pets are fed a sub-par diet because kibble tends to be the most affordable and convenient option available today. That said, investing in the best food we can afford for our pets will pay off in the long run. And, supplementing according to our pet’s species, breed, age, and individual needs will help boost nutrition in remarkable ways. The key to choosing pet foods and supplements is to do your research and purchase the cleanest, most reputable brands we can afford.

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At Hearts at Home, we consider expenses related to our pet’s well-being an investment. We offer a guaranteed spot for dogs that are enrolled in our Frequent Walker service. To enroll, dogs must be scheduled at least three times each week, Monday through Friday, on a recurring schedule. Learn more about our services and claim your pet’s spot today. Or, contact us at 757-745-9868 or

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