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Pet Sitting Software Benefits

At Hearts at Home, we utilize a high-tech scheduling and database system called Time To Pet. Time To Pet is an integral part of our business because it ensures that our business runs smoothly and the pets in our care are always accounted for.

Time To Pet’s personalized and secure client portal provides convenience when scheduling, viewing service calendars, and updating care instructions and billing information. There are many benefits to using a pet sitting software like Time To Pet, all of which positively impact our clients’, employees’, and management team’s user experience.

Benefits for Our Clients

Clients that are new to Hearts at Home will love the ease of registering their homes and pets on Time To Pet via the new client portal, which allows you to create an account that you will use whenever you need to update care instructions or schedule services.

Once scheduled for services, existing clients will enjoy the ability to request services 24/7 via Time To Pet. Time To Pet leads the pet sitting industry in technology and convenience. Features include both a desktop site and free mobile app, secure payment processing, in-platform chat, and real-time visit updates and photos.

All data and communication are encrypted and backed up daily both for your protection and ours.

Benefits for Our Pet Care Specialists

Hearts at Home Pet Sitting’s employees love Time To Pet because it allows them to centralize their pet care assignments, ensuring that their schedules and pet care instructions are up-to-the-minute, accurate, and trackable. Via Time To Pet, employees can view their schedules in advance, plan their routes, and stay informed of care instructions and changes as they arise.

In addition, the mobile app allows our Pet Care Specialist to send visit updates and photos to doting pet parents, who enjoy seeing their pets while they are at work or traveling. The ease of having an app to perform this service streamlines the process, prevents the need to use various platforms during visits, and ensures that our employees are focused on the pet rather than technology when performing services.

Benefits for Our Management Team

Our managers love using Time To Pet because it makes our job so much easier. Scheduling and tracking visits manually would be impossible and could potentially result in missed appointments, delays, or errors. Time To Pet is a one-stop-shop for client information, requests, and updates, which allows our managers to stay organized and informed.

We are also able to better manage our team and routes by using Time To Pet.

Because Time To Pet has built-in quality control that allows us to internally track our employees’ location, it also creates peace of mind that our employees are where they are supposed to be, safe, and completing visits as expected.

Please call 757-745-9868 or email to learn more about our exceptional services and convenient technology. You won’t regret it!

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