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Reasons You Need a Dog Walker

As a professional dog walker, I can give you endless reasons to hire a dog walker. Over the years, I've worked with families that approached us to engage our dog walking services to face varying life demands and simultaneously meet their beloved dogs' needs. Today, I've narrowed down the top 5 reasons you need a dog walker.

Reason 1: Work from Home Demands

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Working from home is no easy feat. Even the most experienced work-from-home professionals struggle with disconnecting from home while they are working and from work while they are relaxing.

When it comes to dog duty, busy professionals struggle with making time to walk their dogs during demanding workdays. They also have a hard time keeping their dogs engaged during important meetings and while knocking out projects.

Working from home and meeting our dog's needs doesn't have to be a struggle. We are happy to come by and take your dog out for a midday break so you can focus on your deadlines. We offer 20-30 minute visits between 11 AM - 3 PM Monday through Friday. During visits, we can quickly and quietly take your dog(s) for a stroll around the neighborhood, play with them in the yard, refresh their water, and give them a treat. After our walks, most dogs are so relaxed, they nap for a few hours, leaving you to wrap up your day uninterrupted.

Reason 2: Long Commutes & Life Demands

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Running out the door in the morning and walking in exhausted at night isn't the best way to keep up with our dog's exercise needs. Unfortunately, limited time and energy are a fact of life for many professionals and families with long commutes and endless to-do lists. We totally understand how difficult managing all of life's demands can be and are happy to take dog walks off your plate, at least during the week.

Our dog walking services can be scheduled as needed to give you a break from 1 to 5 days per week. Do you have to stay late on Tuesdays? Go in early on Thursdays? Want to hit the gym to avoid traffic? Have to take the kids to swim class? No matter the engagement or scheduling conflict, we've got you covered. We will give your dog(s) a break midday so you aren't rushing home to a dog that's desperate for attention and to relieve his bladder.

Reason 3: New Puppies

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Few things are cuter than a puppy, but they sure can be demanding little darlings. The average pet parent will walk their new puppy at least six times per day, more if the puppy is younger and just learning to potty train.

Having a dog walker to assist in the first 6-12 months of a puppy's life is a huge help. Instead of adding another chore to your list like dropping your puppy off at daycare or rushing home between meetings to let your puppy out, let us give your puppy her much-needed midday potty break. In addition to providing a chance for your puppy to pee and poop, midday dog walks are a great way to reinforce training, socialize your pup to new people, and prevent damage to your home.

Reason 4: Sick & Senior Dogs

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Watching our pets struggle with illness and age can be difficult. After years of sharing our lives with them, it's hard to watch their muscle tone, strength, agility, and endurance deteriorate. Yet, studies show that regular exercise can enhance senior and geriatric dogs' quality of life. It can also ward off cognitive decline, slow the progression of degenerative diseases, and more.

In many cases, families see their chronically ill, senior, and geriatric dogs sleeping more often and think that they want to be sedentary. That's usually not the case. Dogs of all ages and those cleared by their veterinarian love the attention we provide during midday dog walks. They too enjoy the sensory stimulation they experience while exploring their environment during walks. They crave interaction with the world around them, the world outside their four walls and comfy beds. And, during midday visits, we can keep an eye on their health when you cannot.

As they age and while fighting an illness, dogs also tend to have a harder time holding their bladders and bowels. Providing a break for your dog midday keeps them from feeling the physical discomfort of holding their 'business' for longer than they are able. Plus, potty-trained adult dogs know they are supposed to do their business outside and can experience stress when they have accidents indoors.

Reason 5: Medical Procedures & Illnesses

dog walking services yorktown virginia

While, as stated above, many dogs enjoy gentle exercise during and after illness and surgical recovery, here we are specifically referring to medical procedures and illnesses in humans. As a dog parent, you know how much your pets depend on you. If ever you have surgery, find yourself in bed due to an illness or injury, etc., count on us to step in a provide midday dog walking services while you cannot.

Paired with our weekend pet sitting visits, our dog walking services can be a true blessing to families that unexpectedly find their hands tied due to a short or long-term medical condition.

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Preparing for the Unexpected

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Because the above (and more) reasons make a great case for hiring a dog walker, we encourage you to engage the services of a professional pet care company as soon as you bring your dog(s) home. Don't wait to find and establish a relationship with a pet care provider until you're desperate. Instead, plan ahead and schedule a few test visits to prepare yourself and your dog for the experience of in-home pet care.

Between our established local reputation, our credentials and accreditations, and our thorough hiring and training protocols, you can trust the team at Hearts at Home Pet Sitting to exceed your expectations and meet your pets' needs. We're dedicated to caring for your dog(s) as if they were our own, no matter why you need our help.

To learn more about our dog walking and pet sitting services, contact us by email at or by phone at 757-745-9868. We offer premier quality cat and dog care in the Tabb, Grafton, and Seaford areas of Yorktown as well as Poquoson, Virginia.

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