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Supporting Hero Dogs

In honor of Independence Day 2023, Hearts at Home Pet Sitting would like to take a moment out of our holiday pet sitting schedule to honor American hero dogs and the important organizations that support them. Supporting hero dogs allows hard-working animals and their humans to get the best training, enjoy safe working conditions, retire in peace, and help others in the process.

The Kennek Foundation

trouble the dog yorktown virginia

Based out of Massachusetts but often partnering with local communities including Yorktown and Hampton, Virginia, The Kennek Foundation is dedicated to supporting children in crisis with the help of Trouble the Dog. Through corporate sponsors and fundraising events, The Kennek Foundation works with local law enforcement and first responders to place Trouble comfort dogs in cruisers, firetrucks, and emergency vehicles for children in crisis.

trouble the dog yorktown

While Trouble the Dog is a fictional book character and plush toy, he's a hero to many. Children in crisis situations including domestic violence, abuse and neglect cases, etc. get more than just a toy in Trouble. When they most need it, Trouble the Dog helps children cope with and navigate difficult experiences. He is a constant in their lives when children are facing unfathomable stress and uncertainty. Trouble is an ultra-soft keepsake toy that is 100% made in the USA and aptly referred to as "an angel in disguise."

The Kennek Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations make it possible for them to help more children in need of Trouble the Dog's love and friendship. Click here to support their life-changing cause.

Mission K9 Rescue

mission k9 logo

Based out of the Houston area but working to benefit dogs globally, Mission K9 Rescue is dedicated to ensuring that military, law enforcement and service dogs have a lovely retirement home as soon as their working days are over. Mission K9's mission is based on their 5 Rs: rescue, reunite, rehome, rehabilitate, and repair any retired working dog that has served mankind in some capacity.

Because working dogs like K9s bond with their handlers, Mission K9 works tirelessly to rescue and reunite military and law enforcement dogs from around the world. The goal is to honor these dogs after their work is complete. Many of these dogs have seen combat and violence and need additional support once they reach their handler or adopter. Mission K9 ensures that dogs with PTSD and other trauma receive mental and emotional support. They also ensure that dogs that have work or aging-related injuries and illnesses receive the best possible care.

german shepherd dog yorktown virginia

These dogs work diligently to benefit our country, therefore, it's only right to protect and serve them when their working days are through. Mission K9 Rescue is the recipient of the Petco Foundation’s “Helping Heroes” Award and the ASPCA’s Henry Bergh Award. They are also a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization EIN 46-4302698. To make a donation, click here. Every little bit helps these senior hero dogs.

Brady's K9 Fund

brady's K9 fund logo

The hero dogs that protect communities locally and abroad don't always have the best equipment due to budget constraints and other limitations. Brady's K9 Fund, based out of Ohio, believes that hero dogs "deserve to be protected by a ballistic vest for their entire shift, just like their human partners, so that they both can come home safe together."

What makes Brady's K9 Fund truly noteworthy is that the organization was founded by a middle schooler named Brady Snakovsky. He couldn't understand why the K9 officers he saw were not wearing ballistic vests while on the job. After learning that these vests are not automatically issued to K9s and are very expensive, Brady made it his mission to raise funds to protect the selfless dogs that protect us every day.

working dog yorktown virginia

Brady's K9 Fund alows for law enforcement organizations to request vests for K9s in their unit. While they have an online vest request form that makes the process easy, issuing this life-saving equipment requires the support of generous sponsors and donors. Brady’s K9 Fund is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization Public Foundation Federal Tax ID # 83-3277164. To support their amazing cause, click here.

dogs yorktown virginia

As a military spouse and supporter of local and national law enforcement organizations, I cannot fathom celebrating Independence Day without recognizing the selfless acts that have led our country to where it is today. While no country is perfect and there is still plenty to do, I am proud to be American and proud to support these organizations.

At Hearts at Home, we have a heart for working dogs of all kinds. Our team of professional pet sitters cares for dogs with many different backgrounds and stories. To learn more about our dog walking and pet sitting services for your working dog (or couch potato,) contact us by email at or by phone at 757-745-9868. We like to treat all the dogs in our care as if they were heroes because we believe that every dog has saved someone's life or, at minimum, made it brighter.

We offer premier cat and dog care in the Tabb, Grafton, and Seaford areas of Yorktown as well as Poquoson, Virginia.

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