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In-Home Pet Sitting: The Value Behind the Price Tag

Leaving your pet at home while you travel is a fantastic choice - both for you and your pet(s.) When you engage a professional in-home pet sitter, your pet(s) remain in their home environment; healthy, happy, and at ease. In-home pet sitting, similar to most in-home services, is a premium service. It's personalized and exclusive. Yet, when new clients see the price tag, they wonder – is it worth it? The answer is a resounding yes, and the cost reflects the value of the services and peace of mind you receive. Let's discuss: In-Home Pet Sitting: The Value Behind the Price Tag.

In-Home Pet Sitting: Expertise and Experience

dog walker yorktown virginia

Professional in-home pet sitters offer far more than walks and playtime. We're highly trained and widely experienced in animal care. We possess a profound understanding of different species, breeds, temperaments, and the needs of each.

Our expertise allows us to achieve the following and more:

  • Provide personalized care:  Our team tailors our approach to your specific pet. Whether it's a playful pup or a senior cat on medication, we ensure your pet receives the attention he or she needs to thrive in your absence.

  • Handle emergencies:  As professional sitters, we are prepared for mishaps and recognize signs of illness, taking appropriate action to keep your pet safe and comfortable. Because of our commitment to exceptional care, our team is trained in pet CPR and first-aid, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind in an emergency.

  • Maintain routines:  Disruption can stress pets. For this reason, we learn and keep to your pet's regular feeding, walking, and playtime schedule, minimizing anxiety and ensuring a smooth transition until your return.

In-Home Pet Sitting: Communication

cat sitting yorktown virginia

Knowing your pet is happy and comfortable while you're away is priceless. At Hearts at Home, we prioritize communication in the following ways because being on the same page ensures the best experience for everyone:

  • Online Scheduling: Our secure client portal provides the utmost convenience for our clients by allowing for 24/7 scheduling, data storage that facilitates personalized services, and automated billing. All data and communication are encrypted and backed up daily, making our technology truly game-changing both for our clients and our employees.

  • Employees vs. Independent Contractors: We classify our workers as employees, which is a huge benefit for our clients as well as our team members. As employees, our workers receive payroll benefits, worker compensation coverage, liability insurance coverage, and more. Classifying workers as employees costs more but allows us to train them to ensure quality service across the board, something a company with ICs cannot do.

  • Regular Updates: Our sitters provide real-time visit reports and photos, keeping you informed and connected to your pet while you're away. If any concerns arise, we will reach out to you and/or your emergency contact. Our goal is to keep you updated on your pet's progress in our care and be there for your pet when you can't be. That said, we honor your time away and do our best to handle minor issues internally so that we do not disrupt your vacation or work travel commitments.

In-Home Pet Sitting: Peace of Mind

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We prioritize your peace of mind because, while you may be traveling, you too are part of our family. We ensure your peace of mind in the following ways and more:

  • Trustworthy Workers: Although we have never needed it, our employees are covered by a dishonesty bond. In addition, they undergo thorough background, criminal, and reference checks and employee training to ensure that we hire and employ only the best, most reliable, and trustworthy pet lovers to care for your pets.

  • Back-ups: Because prevention is our priority, we work tirelessly to ensure that your pet never goes without a much-needed pet care visit. In order to make that happen, we always have a back-up pet sitter available to cover visits if your primary pet sitter is unable to provide scheduled services due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Contingency Plans: We have emergency plans in place for natural disasters, inclement weather, and more. We don't leave anything to luck, we run a tight ship because you and your pets deserve it.

In-Home Pet Sitting: Home Care & Beyond

cat sitting poquoson, va

As professional in-home pet care providers, we have access to your home and pets when you're not there. We take our access and related responsibility very seriously. In addition to ensuring our hiring and training practices keep you and your pet safe, we provide ample training and communication to protect your home.

Following are a few of the benefits of hiring us to care for your pet - and your home:

  • Security and Safety:  Having us come to your home for pet care visits deters potential break-ins. We alternate lights and blinds, bring in and out trash containers, pick up packages and mail, etc. to make your home appear occupied no matter how long you're away.

  • Home Maintenance and Weather Events: When you leave your pet and home in our care, you have eyes on your home's maintenance and any issues that may arise. Sure, you can board your dog or cat but what if there's a leak while you're away? Because we're coming in daily, we are be able to see changes to your home and recognize potential hazards. We will bring concerns to your attention and can prevent further damage by helping you address the issue with the help of your emergency contacts, management company, etc.

dog walking pet sitting yorktown virginia

Hiring a professional in-home pet sitter is an investment in your pet's happiness and your peace of mind. The rates we charge reflect the quality of care you receive. Ultimately, a happy and healthy pet, coupled with a stress-free trip for you, is well worth the cost, especially when you consider the unnerving alternatives like an untrained neighborhood kid or a subpar boarding facility.

Hearts at Home Pet Sitting offers in-home dog walking and pet sitting services in Yorktown, Poquoson, Newport News, and Hampton, Virginia. To register your pet(s) with us, please complete a new client questionnaire here. Existing clients may request services here. Those outside our service area are encouraged to find a pet sitter near you at the Pet Sitters International or National Association of Professional Pet Sitters websites.

Please visit our website or contact us by email at or by phone at 757-745-9868 to learn more. We look forward to caring for your pets!


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