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Simply the Best: Why Hearts at Home Pet Sitting Shines

Updated: Jun 17

At Hearts at Home Pet Sitting, our mission is simple: to provide exceptional care for your beloved pets in the comfort of their home. We know leaving your pet behind when working or traveling can be stressful, which is why we take pride in offering a personalized approach that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Today, if I may, I'm going to brag about what makes us Simply the Best: Why Hearts at Home Pet Sitting Shines!

Why Hearts at Home Pet Sitting Shines: Trust Through Tailored Care

dog walker yorktown virginia
I love when I can hang out with our fur-clients!

Reading online reviews is a fantastic way for potential clients to get a sense of who we are. At Hearts at Home, we're thrilled to see a consistent theme – raving fans who appreciate our commitment to personalized, quality pet care. 

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. When we meet with you, take the time to learn about your pet's unique needs, from their favorite belly rub technique to their fear of thunderstorms, and create a customized plan that ensures your pet feels safe, happy, and comfortable while you're away.

Why Hearts at Home Pet Sitting Shines: More Than Just Walks and Food Bowls

cat sitter yorktown, virginia
Georgie loves our visits!

Our dog walking and pet sitting services extend far beyond basic walks and feeding schedules. We cater to each pet's needs - whether administering medication, playing fetch in the backyard, or sharing patient snuggles.

Reviews like John D.'s mentioning his usually anxious Luna thriving under our care truly warm our hearts: "My cat, Luna, usually hides when we leave, but with Hearts at Home, she was even greeting me at the door when I returned!" Knowing we can make a positive difference in both pets' and owners' lives is what truly motivates us.

Why Hearts at Home Pet Sitting Shines: Consistency & Communication

dog walker yorktown virginia
Our team leads with love!

Building trust with pet owners is as important as providing exceptional care for their animals.  We understand the importance of consistency and communication, which is why we offer a client portal that keeps us in touch no matter where your travels take you. 

Reviews mentioning our daily photos and text updates, like Jessica L.'s, showcase our commitment to keeping you informed and at ease. These updates aren't just cute pictures; they're a way for us to share how happy and well-cared for your pet is, fostering a strong sense of trust and partnership between Hearts at Home and dedicated pet parents like you.

Why Hearts at Home Pet Sitting Shines: With Our Hearts in All We Do

dog walker pet sitter yorktown virginia
No matter their species or age, we love to care for pets!

Looking through our reviews, it's clear the warmth and love our pet sitters have for animals shines through. Words like "caring," "reliable," and even "family" used to describe our team by clients like Emily S. mean the world to us.  "It's clear the staff at Hearts at Home absolutely adore animals," she says. "They treated my dog, Charlie, like their own, and he loved every minute of it!" This genuine love for animals is at the heart of everything we do.

When you choose Hearts at Home Pet Sitting, you choose a team dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized care for your furry family members and all who love them.

Dog Walker Pet Sitter Yorktown Poquoson Newport News and Hampton Virginia

From our tailored approach and clear communication to the genuine love our sitters have for animals, we offer a winning combination that ensures your pet is happy, safe, and well-cared for. Let Hearts at Home become your pet's new best friend (and yours too!).  We look forward to giving your pet the love and attention they deserve when you can't.

Our in-home dog walking and pet sitting services are available in Yorktown, Poquoson, Newport News, and Hampton, Virginia. To register your pet(s) with us, please complete a new client questionnaire here. Existing clients may request services here.

Please visit our website or contact us by email at or by phone at 757-745-9868 to learn more. We look forward to wowing you with our care!

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