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Pet Sitter Education

At Hearts at Home Pet Sitting, we take employee training very seriously. Our protocols include new hire training, on-the-job training, and ongoing web-based education. Our passion for pet sitter education separates us from hobby pet sitters and the kids next door. Our employees are educated using the best tools available and prepared to provide the best possible care no matter the circumstances, including emergencies.

Experience vs Education

Our pet care team is passionate about the quality of care we provide. Many of us have raised numerous pets of our own. That said, personal pet care experience alone does not qualify us as professionals. Instead, the pet care industry recognizes various education-based organizations as leaders in pet care instruction.

Membership in these organizations offers us access to a profound knowledge base that most pet guardians, as dedicated as they may be, do not have. Because this is our calling, our vocation, and because we aim to get it right every time, we are proud members of Pet Sitters International, The Pet Professional Guild, and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitter. We are also Fear Free Certified and trained in Pet First Aid & CPR.

Both our pet care experience and education allow us to better understand the needs of each of the pets in our care. Hearts at Home strongly believes in continuous education regarding all aspects of pet care and behavior because our education and preparation distinguish us as the best pet care providers in Yorktown, Tabb, Grafton, Seaford, and Poquoson, Virginia.

FetchFind’s Resources

In addition to the above-mentioned memberships, we have also partnered with FetchFind to educate our team. FetchFind is the pet industry’s leading web-based training platform. It allows us to choose our training topics and customize our training curriculum.

FetchFind offers the best employee training materials currently available in the pet care industry. Using their professional resources, we have developed our business’ training protocols leveraging FetchFind’s expert-backed pet care education. Our curriculum focuses on pet health, wellness, behavior, and more. From bite prevention to canine and feline communication, using FetchFind to train our employees standardizes our training and ensures that the care we provide is consistently outstanding.

Employee Response to FetchFind

Our pet sitters and dog walkers love that we prioritize their education because it makes their work more enjoyable. It can be intimidating to work with animals professionally because even the best-behaved pets can present challenges like separation anxiety and fear-related reactivity when adjusting to a new caregiver or a change in routine.

Feeling supported by our training protocols and educational development, our team feels empowered to do their best with every pet and during every visit. To learn more about our highly educated pet care team, please call 757-745-9868 or email

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