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Yorktown's Favorite Wild Bird Store

Have you been to Wild Birds Unlimited? Located on Kiln Creek Parkway in Yorktown, Wild Birds Unlimited (aka WBU) is a stand-out local spot for wild bird lovers like me. Whether you actively feed birds, enjoy watching them bathe in your bird bath, or like to watch them from afar on weekends and while on vacation, Yorktown's favorite wild bird store, Wild Birds Unlimited, has something for you.

Feeding Yorktown's Wild Birds

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Humans have been feeding wild birds from the beginning of time. In the past, birds were given crumbs and table scraps because humans didn't understand what wild birds needed to thrive.

Today, we have stores like Wild Birds Unlimited that help bird lovers and watchers provide wild birds with nutritious foods including seeds, mealworms, and nectar. They are known for selling the best quality bird food on the market.

Protecting Yorktown's Wild Birds

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Wild Birds Unlimited also has extensive expertise in attracting specific bird species. They prioritize bird safety and teach their customers how to keep their favorite species safe from predators and contagious diseases.

They offer these excellent tips for responsible bird feeding, which they promote through their educational initiatives and product variety. From proper bird food storage to

ensuring birds have access to clean water, WBU has it all.

Observing Yorktown's Wild Birds

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Sure, feeding wild birds is a great way to entice them to come over and make your yard their home. Yet, watching wild birds can be done from anywhere, especially when exploring a new area.

Wild Birds Unlimited sells various bird-watching hobby accessories like guides, high-quality binoculars, patented advanced pole systems, and more. Wild Birds Unlimited helps make bird-watching easy and memorable by providing tools and education for all levels of birdwatchers.

Learning About Yorktown's Wild Birds

With a profound commitment to educating the public on wild birds, WBU is truly phenomenal. From nature news to podcasts and other educational content, they are my one-stop shop for all things birds. I love spoiling area birds with high-quality feed and always learn more about local birds, their care, and identification from WBU’s knowledgeable staff.

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Caring for wild birds brings me profound joy. Caring for dogs, cats, and small animals as a professional pet sitter does too. My passion for animals lies in ensuring my team and I are adequately educated and trained to handle pet-related challenges and emergencies. Our knowledgeable and caring team provides quality care and peace of mind to pet lovers in the Tabb, Grafton, and Seaford areas of Yorktown as well as Poquoson, Virginia.

To learn more about our dog walking and pet sitting services, contact us by email at or by phone at 757-745-9868. We look forward to caring for your beloved pets.

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