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Pet Sitting Team vs. Individual: Why Choosing a Team Is The Best Bet

Leaving your beloved pet behind can be a bit unnerving. You worry about their well-being, comfort, and whether they'll miss you. While individual pet sitters can offer a personal touch, choosing a company with a team of qualified caregivers comes with important benefits for you and your pet. In this blog, we're breaking down why a pet sitting team is a pawsome solution for your next trip. Let's discuss Pet Sitting Team vs. Individual: Why Choosing a Team Is The Best Bet. And, learn more about what makes Hearts at Home the best choice in Hampton Roads here.

Pet Sitting Team vs. Individual: Guaranteed Coverage

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Life happens. As committed as an individual sitter may be, they could get sick, have a car breakdown, or face an unexpected personal emergency. Their sudden scheduling conflict can leave you scrambling to find last-minute care for your pet, a stressful situation as you prepare to travel, or worse, once you're underway.

A pet sitting company with a team eliminates this worry. If your assigned sitter has an issue that makes it impossible for them to provide scheduled services, we assign another qualified team member to step in. With our team-based system, your pet's routine remains uninterrupted and their needs get met.

Pet Sitting Team vs. Individual: Reliability in Scheduling

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When you hire our team, you gain access to our pool of experienced and highly trained caregivers, each with unique skills and talents. Having our team at your fingertips enhances our availability and allows us to be there for you when you need us, with very few exceptions.

With an individual pet sitter, your sitter's availability is limited to their working hours. And, as we all know, nobody has an endless supply of time, making scheduling a bit hairy - pun intended.

Pet Sitting Team vs. Individual: Variety & Socialization

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Maybe your dog prefers a calm and assertive presence, while your cat enjoys a playful cuddle buddy. Because we have a team, we can assign our sitters based on location and specialization. You'll always have a primary pet sitter who is conveniently located near you and best complements your pet's temperament, ensuring a positive and comfortable experience for everyone.

While many of our clients think they prefer having one person assigned to their pet's care exclusively, our use of primary pet sitters ensures that your pet can develop a longstanding relationship with a few dedicated individuals who will work together to meet his or her needs. Having a highly trained, trusted caregiver, even if they are new to them, helps socialize pets. It encourages them to feel more comfortable around humans not in their nuclear family, which is why we encourage you to engage our services when you bring your pet home: for socialization.

Pet Sitting Team vs. Individual: Enhanced Training & Expertise

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As stated, our team of dedicated pet lovers has experience and undergoes extensive training. We invest heavily in our staff's ongoing education because we want our employees to provide outstanding services to the pets and families in our care - no matter where you are located or whom you are assigned.

Our professional pet sitters and dog walkers possess knowledge and experience in handling nervous animals, administering medications, and dealing with specific health conditions. This extra layer of expertise can provide significant peace of mind, especially for the pets who require more specialized care, which a small operation with one sitter may not be able to provide or choose to attain.

Pet Sitting Team vs. Individual: Building Trust and Familiarity

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While we work diligently to keep turnover to a minimum, our employees sometimes move on to other forms of employment. When you work with a team, your secondary or tertiary pet sitter can step in and, you'll always have an established relationship with our management team during transitions.

With an individual or solo pet sitter, you risk them moving away or moving on from pet care. You're then left to seek out a pet care provider once again.

After over a decade of providing pet care services to Yorktown and its environs, Hearts at Home Pet Sitting isn't planning on going anywhere!

Pet Sitting Team vs. Individual: Communication and Transparency

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As an established pet sitting company with a team, Hearts at Home Pet Sitting prioritizes communication. We keep you updated on your pet's well-being through regular updates, photos, and a management team that makes ourselves available to your requests.

Because we are a team-based operation, we use Time to Pet, an online and app-based scheduling software that puts scheduling pet care visits at your fingertips, 24/7. Our team uses the Time to Pet site and app to schedule, take payments, track payroll, and keep in touch with each other and our clients. Most individual pet sitting operations don't offer technology like ours. It's costly therefore a solo pet sitter may forego it, despite its many benefits.

With our level of communication and transparency, you can rest assured that your pet(s) are always in the best hands.

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Choosing a pet sitting company with a team doesn't take away the personal touch. On the contrary, we offer peace of mind for you and a stress-free experience for your cherished pet. Learn more about our team-based operation, employee onboarding, insurance coverage, and more here.

Hearts at Home Pet Sitting offers in-home dog walking and pet sitting services in Yorktown, Poquoson, Newport News, and Hampton, Virginia. To register your pet(s) with us, please complete a new client questionnaire here. Existing clients may request services here. Those outside our service area are encouraged to find a pet sitter near you at the Pet Sitters International or National Association of Professional Pet Sitters websites.

Please visit our website or contact us by email at or by phone at 757-745-9868 to learn more. Our team of exceptional pet care providers looks forward to caring for your pets!


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